Vote for your FAVE Christmas Design and you could WIN £100 worth of treats!

Vote for your FAVE Christmas Design and you could WIN £100 worth of treats!

Our team design competition is BACK for Christmas and we need YOUR help picking a winner!

Here's the deal: Every season Steph gives everyone on the Baked by Steph team the chance to design their own cookie box to add to our Christmas collection, and you get to vote for your favourite! The box with the most votes will be sold on with the winner taking home 15% of all sales!

But that's not all, YOU could be a winner too! 🥳 

How to vote: Cast your vote via the link the bottom of this page. Add your email to your entry to be automatically entered into the prize draw with the chance to WIN £100 worth of Baked by Steph's Christmas treats!


Check out the team's submissions!👇 

Tom's 'Mr Napkin Head' Cookie

For a taste of holiday nostalgia, Tom's cookie-fied the iconic 'Mr Napkin Head' scene to put a smile on your face!


Whitney's 'Grinch Steals Christmas' Cookie

Get ready to add a mischievous but delicious touch to your holiday festivities with Whitney's 'Grinch Steals Christmas' cookie! 


Tari's 'Home Alone at Christmas' Cookies

If you're looking to add a touch of classic movie magic to your holiday celebrations, Tari's 'Home Alone at Christmas' cookies are a must-have.


Martina's 'Oh Christmas Tea' Cookie

Spill the tea with Martina's 'Oh Christmas Tea' cookie! Whether you're hosting a tea party or seeking a treat during the holidays - this cookie is for you!


Hannah's 'Dachshun' Through The Snow' Cookie

Calling all Dachshund puppy lovers! Hannah's 'Dachshun' Through The Snow' cookie makes a charming and festive gift!



Jacq's 'You Are Perfect' Cookie

Tell that special someone just how perfect they are this holiday season with Jacq's 'Your Are Perfect' cookie! 


Taya's 'Magical Christmas' Cookies

If you're looking for a supernatural gift Taya's 'Magical Christmas' cookies are the perfect choice to add a touch of magic to your holiday memories!


Hollie's 'Kitty Christmas' Cookies

Celebrate the purr-fect holiday season with Hollie's delightful "Kitty Christmas" cookies!


Rose's 'Friends Holiday' Cookies

“If Santa and the Holiday Armadillo are ever in the same room for too long, the universe will implode! Merry Christmas!” 

If you're a fan of 'Friends', then Rose's festive 'Friends Holiday' cookies are for you!


Kiwi's 'Santa' Cookie

Get jolly this Christmas with Kiwi's 'Santa' Cookie! Whether you're leaving it out for Santa on Christmas Eve, or simply enjoying it as a festive treat, this cookie will add a touch of sweetness to your holiday celebrations.


Elena's 'Gingerbread Town' Cookies

Whether you're looking for a charming centrepiece for your holiday dessert table or searching for the perfect gift, Elena's 'Gingerbread Town' cookies are a wonderful choice!


Katie's 'Cheeky Cat' Cookie

If you're a cat lover or simply looking to add a touch of playful charm to your festivities, Katie's 'Cheeky Cat' cookie is the purr-fect choice this Christmas!


 So, there you have it! All 12 of our amazing entires...but there can only be ONE winner! So which one is your favourite? Click here to cast your vote!


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