New Product! Eid Mubarak Cookies

New Product! Eid Mubarak Cookies

Celebrate the end of Ramadan with our special Eid cookies! With two cookie boxes beautifully decorated to mark the start of the celebrations, they are perfect for gifting family and friends and make a stunning centrepiece to begin the feasts.



Eid-al-Fitr translates to the ‘festival of breaking the fast’ and is celebrated by Muslims all over the world because it marks the end of a month-long fast which takes place from dawn till sunset. We have tried to capture the celebratory essence of Eid in our cookie boxes, with a nod to the crescent moon - once this has officially been spotted during the fast, the celebrations may begin and Ramadan will end.

Fun Fact!

A big part of the festival in many countries is the feast of desserts, which is why Eid gets its nicknames Sweet Eid or Sugar Feast! Sweet things are definitely something we can appreciate at Baked By Steph and another reason why our cookie boxes are a great addition to honour your celebrations!

If you haven’t had time to search for a special gift, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.


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