Let's celebrate World Photography Day together📸

Let's celebrate World Photography Day together📸

🍪 Snap, Share, and Savour! 📸

World Photography Day is all about capturing moments that touch our hearts, and what moment is more heartwarming than relishing in the delightful taste of Baked By Steph's cookies?

How to Share Your Baked By Steph Experience:

Open Your Box of Goodies: As you unbox your cookies, take a moment to appreciate the artistry and flavour.

Capture the Moment: Snap a photo that showcases your cookies, your smile, or both!

Tag Us: Share your photo on Instagram and tag us @baked.by.steph 

Spread the Love: Invite your friends and followers to join in the fun and enjoy a taste of our scrumptious creations.

Whether you're celebrating with our Graduation Cookies or any of our other mouthwatering creations, we'd love to see your reactions and share in your joy.

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