Steph's 3 Top Tips for Turning Buttercream White

Steph's 3 Top Tips for Turning Buttercream White

If you follow us on Instagram, then you may have noticed that we went VIRAL recently for sharing our secret to getting our Buttercream super white!

If you're a blonde then you know all about the powers of purple cancelling out yellow tones in your hair, well the exact same applies to cake decorating!

Just a touch of purple food colouring will cancel out the yellow tones in your buttercream and take it to the whitest of whites. Who knew hairdressers and cake artists would have so much in common 👯‍♀️

Read below for Steph's 3 top tips on How to turn Buttercream white:

TIP 1. Choose your butter wisely. 

Not all butters are created equal! Some are more yellow than others so set yourself up for an easier task with a pale butter base.

TIP 2. Use a GEL food colouring. 

Avoid using liquid food colouring as it will add too much moisture to your Buttercream and you'll just end up with a gloopy mess. Gel food colouring will add colour without affecting your Buttercream's consistency. 

Tip 3. Add a TOUCH of purple food colouring!

And I mean A TOUCH! Approach this part slowly, one dab of a toothpick at a time making sure the last dab of food colouring is fully incorporated before adding any more. Remember: you can always add more, but trust me, there will be tears if you add too much!

Et voila! You should now have perfectly white buttercream!


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