Celeb Face Cookie Spotlight💫

Celeb Face Cookie Spotlight💫

Our Celeb Face Cookies are flying out the door!

From wishing someone a happy birthday, celebrating some great news and everything in between...gift a loved one with a cookie of their fave celeb!

Did you know you can also make it extra personal by adding your own message to the scroll!

 Take a look down below at our bestsellers!👇 

 Personalised Party In Style Letterbox Cookies

 Treat people with kindness and cookies! Whether you're wishing someone a *golden* birthday or just want to tell someone you *adore them*, do it in STYLE...with Harry of course! Add your own personalisation and really make their day sweeter.

Personalised Crying Kim Letterbox Cookies 

Stress level : loosing your diamond earrings at the bottom of the sea. Whether you will be ugly crying or have happy tears...don't cry because the cookie is gone, smile because you got to eat it! Add your own message to the scroll for that extra personal touch.


 Personalised Ew David Letterbox Cookies 

For all you Schitts Creek fans who can't stop saying 'Omg EW David' in Alexis' voice, this one's for you. Add a message of your choice onto the scroll to make this the most amazing personalised gift! 

 Personalised Prison Mike Letterbox Cookies 

You’d be da belle of da ball giving this gift! Add your own custom message for the scroll to make this Prison Mike Office inspired cookie worth every Schrute buck.

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